Diploma in Career Education And Development is India’s first program helping college students get Alternate Placement Platform.

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opens new opportunities to get the right job for you.

connects you to core hr

salary negotiation skills

solution for career problems

Frequently asked questions

CEAD is a unique platform where students get placements in their dream companies. CEAD helps you negotiate better salary with the employer, it also helps you get a choice of placements. It enable you to understand more scope in career compared to usual limited opportunities.

If you are an ambitious student looking at starting your career beyond usual limited campus interviews, you should opt for CEAD. CEAD also helps you connect with potential HRs and companies in core industry which not available otherwise. CEAD helps you explore scope new verticals within your core, increasing your career options.

CEAD is also a great solution if you are looking for higher studies aboard and are confused / not sure about options available.

College students looking for ALTERNATE PLACEMENT PLATFORM.
College students looking for HIGHER STUDIES options.
Working professionals looking at growth in the career.

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